Hitting the Office Links

No, I'm not talking about a swing around the wing. Over the past several weeks, a handful of Office 12 related blogs have started up. While these are dedicated to the work that's happening in Windows Office, I expect quite a few people who read my blog will be interested in at least some of the subjects discussed there.

The top of the list would be Brian Jones' discussion of Office 12 XML formats, and Brian's discussion of the file formats has a direct impact on Mac Office 12.

The next item on the list would be Jensen Harris' blog about the Win Office 12 UI. While we aren't going to mimic this design in Mac Office 12, we are going to implement some of the ideas in a way that more closely resembles that of a standard Macintosh application. In his latest post, Jensen points out that he was in Junior High School when we shipped Win Word 2.0, which wasn't long after we shipped Mac Word 5.0. What is the penchant that Microsoft program managers have for making a guy like me feel old?

Perhaps the least interesting to readers of my blog would be the new Win Excel Blog.

Lastly, for a more high-level view of what's going on in Win Office, take a gander at Steven Sinofsky's blog. Steven is the Senior Vice President in charge of Office. You won't read much about Office per se on Steven's blog, but you'll get a pretty good picture of how Office is run as a business.

If you head over to the home pages of these blogs, you might find a few other links to new MSDN blogs worth exploring.



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