KatrinaSafe--the Entourage Connection

Dan Manrique tells part of the story of katrinasafe.com, with more to come. I thought you might like to know that Rebecca Harris is currently a tester in Mac BU. Gil Gordon, Steve Friesen and Omar Shahine are former Mac BU people who've moved to hotmail.

In any crisis situation, there is a need and a place for top-down decision-making, but those in charge need to find ways to both accommodate and facilitate this kind of individual initiative. It's fortunate that loose connections were available to make this sort of thing happen, but I've also seen times when the absence of connections caused some efforts to fall through the cracks.

Nonetheless, a very good part of the reason I still work at Microsoft after 15 years is the fact that I get to work with people like Rebecca, Gil, Steve and Omar.



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