Opportunity Cost

Back when I started blogging, I had a go-around with Pierre Igot. I'm not going to rehash it, but I think the best summary of the entire affair can be found here.

During that discussion, I made the mistake of bringing up the concept of "opportunity cost." The mistake wasn't so much that the concept didn't apply to the discussion. Rather, my mistake was in believing that Pierre and some of the other folks in his echo chamber would understand what I was talking about.

So, from time to time, one of them tries to mock me by throwing the phrase into a discussion somewhere. The most recent instance is in a comment made by someone named Warren Beck, on Eric Schwiebert's recent post explaining his take off on J. Geils' Love Stinks.

Now, I suppose I could take the time to explain "opportunity cost" to these guys, but I can also spend that time playing a game with my daughter, or reading Dick Davis' recent translation of Abu'l-Qasim Firdawsi's Shahnameh: The Persian Book of Kings, or watching the latest episode of CSI. Better yet, rather than explaining to these guys why I might be inclined to fix someone else's problems before I get around to fixing theirs, I can spend that time actually fixing bugs.

Now, I'll bet that at least one of these guys will offer a comment complaining about how we place profits over fixing bugs, thereby demonstrating that they really don't get it. If they do, I will most certainly approve their comments. Do you think any one of them will stop to ask themselves why I might be inclined to approve such a comment?

Do you think I might be allowed to coin the word "egonorant"? (My daughter suggested that I give the latin term for this: ego rectalitis. That's where the head swells, and it gets stuck.)

By the way, I should point out that none of this has any bearing on whether or not we, at MacBU, pay any attention to Pierre's bug reports. In fact we do. I've even given him credit for his assistance in helping to track down a bug.


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