The MVP's are Coming!

And some are already here. Microsoft's global summit of Most Valued Professionals is this week. The official kick-off is tomorrow, and ends on Saturday.

Scoble says he's looking forward to seeing what the MVPs learn from us, but I get excited about what I'm going to learn from the MVPs.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I get excited. As I type this, it's well past midnight. On a normal evening, I'd either be asleep at this hour, or I'd be a brain-dead couch potato dozing off while trying to watch a Tivo'ed rerun of Law and Order.

Yeah, sure, we'll get a chance to show them some of the ideas we've cooked up over the past year or so, but, more importantly, we'll get some really good feedback on whether we're heading in the right directions.

So, Beth, Paul, Corentin, John, Jim and all the rest of you. Welcome. It'll be great to see you people again. And, if you're not coming, I'll miss you horribly.

By the way, the song for this post isn't a joke. In fact, it's so seriously appropriate that I have to include the lyrics:

Hello, I’m back again

To share with you

My heart and soul

Are you surprised?

I said I would

So here I am

It’s time for us

To say goodbye

So until we meet again

Keep smilin’

Keep smilin’

Keep smilin’

Keep smilin’

The song is more than 5 minutes long. As you might imagine, then, what comes between the first stanza and the second is about four minutes of some of the best Carlos Santana guitar playing you'll ever hear.



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