There Comes a Time

In every project, there's a point where you have to stop tweaking this and touching up that little bit of behavior and focus on just fixing bugs.  If you don't, then you never ship.  Nadyne gave some of the details over on mac mojo.

Well, we're getting close to that time with Mac Office 12.  In honor of nearing such a milestone, I prepared something for our program management friends.  These are the folks who are responsible for designing how the various features are supposed to behave from the user's point of view.  It's a suggestion box, and it looks like this:

Mind you, this suggestion box is for PGM use only.  Think of it as my way of saying that now is the time for us to shut up and listen to the real users who are trying out the product during the private beta.

Enough fun.  I need to get back to fixing bugs.



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