What do you do in the down time between feedings when you're on parental leave pulling night duty with a brand new baby? Late night TV sucks. You could start doing Sudoku, but it's more fun to write code to solve the puzzles than it is to actually solve a bunch of puzzles.

Erik Schwiebert's answer is to start a blog. Schwieb is a development lead in Mac BU, and he heads up the virtual team that's been running point on our transition to XCode. In fact, his latest post gives a few more details on the extent of the impact the switch has had on our efforts.

My favorite quote, though, is:

That last bit is actually one of the neatest things about this transition from my perspective. Apple’s tools, being so nitpicky about code standards, have helped us find and fix bugs in our code and make the next version of Office a better product. At the same time, the sheer amount of code we’ve thrown at Xcode [has] enabled us to help Apple make Xcode a better IDE, which in turn helps us be more efficient, write more features, and yes, make a better product! Our two companies can and do help each other improve. It’s a great concrete example of how positive our business relationship really is.

The word for that is "synergy," and it's one of the more fascinating phenomena of our industry. I don't know why, but people, the press in particular, tend to focus on the rivalries in the software industry and not on the ways in which the efforts of various software makers compliment and enhance each other.

Speaking of rivalries, Schwieb hails from Vermont. Since I'm from Wisconsin, there's a bit of cheese rivalry between Schwieb and me. In fact Artisanal's American Cheese Basket has two Vermont cheeses, and none from Wisconsin. I'm feeling a bit punked.

Schwieb will be marking his 10th anniversary at Microsoft fairly soon. Maybe he'll throw a little cheese party? I mean, really. Shouldn't we explore the ways in which Vermont and Wisconsin cheeses compliment and enhance each other?

Oh, and YAMBB? Yet Another Mac BU Blogger. It's a programmer's joke.



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