When the power goes out ...

Like everyone else who lives on the eastside, my power got knocked out as part of the big huge windstorm that hit the pacific northwest (if you haven't heard about it yet somehow: https://www.cnn.com/2006/WEATHER/12/19/northwest.storm.ap/index.html). Thing is, when the power goes out the problem is not just that your TV won't work: the roads are jammed because the intersection lights are out (all-way stop), cell phone reception is slim-to-none, and it gets cold really fast.

So imagine my elation when I heard that the Redmond campus had power restored on Saturday, while I was still in the dark at home. I grabbed some food, a gallon of milk, packed up my xbox360 ... and went to work! You see, at my building they have  microwaves, kitchens, heat, Internet, and hot showers. I was able to spend the day occupied and entertained (Geometry Wars!).

 Several other people were there with their families because it was a warm place to be. One guy I know is still without power and might not have it until Friday! So he's packed up his whole family and they're living at his office for the time being. This is definitely one of the unsung benefits of working at a place like Microsoft.