If I was running a game studio (humor)...

Today I had a conversation with a coworker about how I could afford to run a game studio if I were to try to make one today. My primary plan of action would be to find some extremely low cost-of-living areas in which to settle, like Superior, WI. Apparently there are 2000 square foot houses there for less than half a million dollars. In fact, they seem to cost about $200,000 there.

That doesn’t really cover the cost of an office, so for that I think I’d have to go with pre-fab wooden sheds. Wood burning stoves would provide much-needed heat, and a 40-year-old gas generator would power the company laptop, assuming the generator does not explode.

I’ve always referred to my future game studio as Trainwreck Interactive, because I love trains, and I find the idea of willingly interacting with a crashing train amusing. This idea of a game company in WI got me thinking – what would a time reporting sheet look like for such a company?

Time Sheet for Trainwreck Interactive

Activity/Cost Center








Programming (001)

Stealing Art from Internet (002)

Collecting Wood (003)

Poaching Deer for Food (004)

Sitting in the corner freezing, and begging for blankets (006)

Tuberculosis Leave (Not compensated)

Arguing with ghosts, insanity (011)

Design Documentation, Level Editing (011)

Puting the "fun" back in Creafun™!