Visual C++ 6.0: How do I create symbols files (.pdb) for release builds?

I seem to be getting asked this question alot lately.

In Visual C++ 6.0, symbol files are generated automatically for debug build configurations of your project. For release build configurations, they are not. Does this mean that you cannot generate symbol files for release builds? No, it is just not enabled by default. Here are the steps necessary to generate symbol files for release builds.

Open the Project Settings dialog for your project. Change the 'Settings For' drop down box to your 'Release' build configuration. Note: It is possible that you will have multiple 'Release' build configurations. 

Next, click on the 'C/C++' tab and change the 'Debug info:' drop down box to 'Program Database'. For example,

Finally, click on the 'Link' tab and change the 'Category' drop down box to 'General'. Then, click the 'Generate debug info' checkbox.

When you build your project with this configuration you will have symbol files in the output folder.