Rick Varvel

Microsoft UC Info OCS 2007 R2 Unified Messaging -- ISA 2006

OCPE Device (Tanjay) Upgrade Guide

This document provides best practices for upgrading an OCPE device (Tanjay) from build 199 to 522...

Author: Rick Varvel Date: 10/02/2009

OCS 2007 R1/R2 Remote Access Configuration Guide

Configuring port, certificate and DNS values for an OCS 2007 R1 / R2 Edge server topology can be...

Author: Rick Varvel Date: 04/09/2009

Configuring R2 A/V Edge Service for NAT

OCS 2007 R2 introduced support for configuring a firewall to perform Network Address Translation...

Author: Rick Varvel Date: 04/03/2009