My Universal Performance Problem Advice

I get asked for recommendations a lot.  Most of the time I have little to no data when asked to perform this sort of divination.  But as it turns out I have this ready-to-go universal advice that works for me, so I'm able to give the same recommendation all the time even with no data!  Handy, huh?

Here it is:

Load as little as you can.  Run as little as you can.  Use as little memory as you can.  Take the fewest dependencies you can.  Create the simplest UI that you can.  And measure it often.  Don’t just measure your one success metric, measure all the consumption and make it as small as you can.  Consider all the important targets, including small devices and large servers.  Nothing else will do, nor is anything else necessary. 

When you understand your costs you will be making solid choices.

Never use non-specific data you think you remember to justify anything.

Last, and most important of all, never take the advice of some smart-ass performance expert like me when you could get a good solid measurement instead.  :)