Wow I love git-tf!

I switched to git about 3 years ago because the portability was so great.  Moving work between computers couldn't be easier.  But when I did that I lost all my TFS history from TFS express I had been using up until then.  4 years of useful history.

Last week I saw this git-tf thing so I restored my old TFS databases on a box, put Team Server Express on that puppy and did an in place upgrade. Bam, up it comes as fast as you can say 'I wish I had a faster internet connection"

5 minutes later I had a git clone of my old stuff..

Then I just added a remote, did a fetch, and rebased my whole master branch on top of my old history.

And just like that it's all back!

OK my commit ID's are all different now but that's ok, it's just me anyway.

I pushed it all up to my visual studio account using VS Git integration and now all of it is backed up.

I feel like someone just returned a lost pet to my house :)