DirectAccess and get website by internal proxy

I have some clients must use internal proxy to access to some websites (security rules).

When they use DirectAccess client outside corporate network, they have problem to access to those websites.

If you are in the same situation, How can you resolve it?


You need to edit Name Resolution Policy Table (NRPT) on DirectAccess (DA) server by using powershell cmdlet.

Add-DAClientDNSConfiguration -DnsSuffix ‘’ –proxyserver ‘’

Powershell cmdlet will edit GPO DirectAccess policy, so after successfully run cmdlet you need to run GPUPDATE /FORCE on Windows 8 client to get effect immediatly.


You can check NRPT table by command line:

Windows 7:

netsh namespace show policy


Windows 8




If you need to access to public URL by corporate network, then you need to configure name resolution in this way on your DirectAccess server:



Read more: Add-DAClientDnsConfiguration ( )