Lync 2013 WP8 Client Logs

I have received several inquiries from customers and engineers about how to get logs off Windows Phone 8 for Lync. If you are a Lync user on iOS or Android devices this is very simple because you can use the “Send Logs” and email the log file directly. Unfortunately with WP8 you only get the option to save the logs.  

Let’s start by first saving the logs after logging into the client. Once you are logged in click the … in the lower right hand corner and select settings.

Now make sure Diagnostic Logging is toggled to on and click Save Logs.


This will save to a filename similar to Log06-06-2013 09_49_07_jpg.jpg under your Photos in an album called Saved Pictures. If you go ahead and email the files from the device itself you will only get a .jpg image with no log data. What you need to do is connect the phone to a computer and browse to Windows Phone\Phone\Pictures\Saved Pictures and copy the file to a location on the computer. Once the file is copied to the computer you can rename it from .jpg to .log or .txt. Now when you open the file in your favorite text editor you will see some garble at the beginning of the file that looks like this.

You can just delete that garbled header data down to ############  UI APPLICATION LOGS  ############. So it’s a little more complicated than iOS or Android but in the end you get the same data.