Install SharePoint 2010 prerequisites without internet

  • Extract files from the SharePoint installer (either its a zip or a ISO)
  • Run prerequisitesinstaller.exe to see what are the prerequisite files needed
  • Search for all the prerequisites from internet, then download to local (ensure its for 64bit and ws2008R2)
  • move all files to the sharepoint server
  • From the root directory of the install media, using the following format and run it against each prerequisites needed:
    PrerequisiteInstaller.exe /SQLnCli:"C:\installfiles\sqlncli.msi"
    • Review the output of PrerequisiteInstaller.exe to see what prerequistes in the list are installed, skipped, and uninstalled.
    • NOTE: You may have to search online to find the exact switch to use for each prerequisite
    • If you want to install more than one prerequisite, you can separate each switch/path pair by a space