Back For Good

Its been more than 3 years that i started this blog and really it died on me…i started stopped and then stayed stopped.. However with the product i been involved in on the final home run i think now i have lots to blog about.. Hopefully now that i have re-started this blog, it stays that way :)

All this while me and my teammates have been working on the next release of Visual Studio Team System  and BETA2 of VSTS has already hit the web.. You can get more info from VSTS 2010 BETA2 Home. We have been working on developing an entire new set of Testing tools to power up the Test offering of VSTS. I have been working in particular on the Record and Play Engine that will power the Coded UI Test and  the Fast Forward a Manual Test feature that comes with Microsoft Test and lab Manager.

Every week i plan to post at least 1 Blog detailing Record and Playback (RnP from now on )…Hopefully i will better that..

Signing Off..