How to troubleshoot Windows Server AppFabric and Workflows

If you are having trouble with a Workflow deployed in IIS with Windows Server AppFabric, the event log can be a wonderful tool to help diagnose problems.

First Step: Check the Windows Application Event Log

  1. Open Event Viewer
  2. Expand Windows Logs
  3. Select Application

Look for errors from the AppFabric Services, IIS. .NET Runtime, ASP.NET etc.  Here is an example where some of my code was throwing an unhandled exception


Step 2: Enable the Application-Server Analytic and Debug Logs

Note: This will add additional load to your server so be careful about doing this in production environments.

If you enable the AppFabic Analytic and Debug logs you can get a ton of information on what is happening.

  1. Open Event Viewer
  2. Expand Application and Services Logs
  3. Expand Microsoft /  Windows / Application Server-Applications
  4. Select Show Analytic and Debug Logs
  5. Right click on the Analytic and Debug logs and select Enable Log

While troubleshooting this is a great tool