How you can make WF/WCF better

Are you sometimes frustrated by WF/WCF?

Let’s just be honest for a moment… all of us are frustrated by WF/WCF at times.  Even those of us who work on the product can probably think of a hundred ways we would like to make them better.  However, we can’t fix everything or change everything that we would like to change because we also face the reality that we have a limited amount of time and resources to make changes.

When I get frustrated about something, I log a bug in our bug database.  Somebody then has to look at that bug and make a decision about it and many times the decision is to not do it, postpone it or sometimes the decision is to fix it.

Many times the decision comes down to one thing… customer feedback.  You see if the team thinks that Ron is the only guy who cares about this issue, then they might say “Sure this is a good idea but we haven’t had any customer complaints about this so we aren’t going to fix it:”

This is where you come in…

I think I know you (our customers) well enough to know that you are probably annoyed by the same things that annoy me.  You just didn’t know how to tell us that you were annoyed.  Well there is a way you can tell us.  Are you ready?  Just click on of the links below

Then vote on issues that drive you crazy.  If you have something new to add, create a new issue.  Tell your friends, have a party and provide loads of feedback.

Why?  Because we really want to hear from you.  We want to build products that you love and we want to eliminate the things you hate we just need to hear from you.

Happy Coding!
Ron Jacobs
Twitter: @ronljacobs