WCF Essentials – Great Stuff now online

Michelle Leroux Bustamante has written some great new papers for MSDN that you really should check out.  They are in the WCF Essentials series.

What I like the most about these articles is that she gives really great practical advice.  For example check out this sentence from Getting Started with WCF

“The default is PerSession which is typically not the desired setting.”

Wow – you won’t read that in the MSDN documentation about the InstanceContextMode Enumeration but it is probably something that you should know.  It is the kind of advice you can expect from a seasoned WCF developer.

Are you doing WCF Services or SOA in your organization?

If so, I’d like to talk with you about your solution as a part of some research we are doing for future releases.  Please contact me through my blog if you would be willing to have a short phone discussion with me about your solution and needs.