Collect SCCM client log - For troubleshooting

On a client machine to troubleshoot issues related software/patch deployment (via SCCM), a set of information would be required from the respective machine.

I have developed a powershell script LogCollection v1.0 to collect such required information from the reported machine. This might be useful for the needy.

This script will perform following actions in the client on which it is being executed:

  1. Check the status of below services:
    1. SMS Agent Host [If stopped then it will start]
    2. Windows Management Instrumentation [If stopped then it will stop with a message]
    3. CNG Key Isolation [If stopped then it will start]
  1. Trigger the below SCCM policies
    1. Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle
    2. Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle
    3. Software Update Scan Cycle
    4. Software Update Deployment Evaluation Cycle
  1. Gather below data:
    1. IPConfig
    2. CCMCache folder info
    3. List of application installed
    4. List of MS KBs installed
    5. log
  1. Collect SCCM logs

NOTE: LogCollections.log will log the status of the above actions.