Announcing AD RMS SDK 3.0 Beta2: rights-enablement support on Android, iOS and Windows RT platforms

Hi folks,

We have been working hard to deliver the next generation of our SDKs for cross-platforms support; and enabling wide-scale RMS usage with IP viewer application. We've introduced a much more stable and feature-rich Beta2 version of new cross-platform developer SDKs for enabling Android, iOS and Windows RT devices. We have also updated the IP Viewer application with many new functionalities.

I'll let our expert, Gagan Gulati, explain about these new releases!



ADRMS v3 SDK Beta 2

We are pleased to announce the Beta 2 release of AD RMS SDK 3.0!

AD RMS SDK 3.0 is a set of simpler, ubiquitous SDKs that are now available on multiple platforms, starting with Windows RT, iOS and Android.  The new SDK features make integration with RMS even easier than what it has been in the past.

AD RMS SDK 3.0 provides the following top features:

  • · Integration with Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management (AADRM)
  • · Generic Protection support built right into the SDK APIs
  • · Provides best in class protection and consumption UI

With AD RMS SDK 3.0 Beta2, we add a bunch of new features including Custom File format, better error and diagnostics and may others. Take a look at our documentation here

IP Viewer Beta 2

With this announcement, we are also updating Microsoft Information Protection Viewer (IP Viewer) to Beta 2.  IP Viewer is a user-driven application will helps protect and consume any file format. It uses the power of File API which supports automated protection and enhances the Generic Protection ecosystem by protecting all file formats.

Please go to the Downloads section to download the latest SDKs and IP Viewer Beta 2 bits. If you haven't registered on Microsoft Connect, then go to:, sign in with your Microsoft Account > Directory> Search for Rights Management Services > Join.

We appreciate your feedback. Please go to Feedback section for private or public feedback, bugs or queries.


Gagan Gulati, Lead Program Manager

Information Protection, Microsoft Corporation

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