Azure Rights Management: Logging and all that it enables


Note: This is a cross-post from our TechNet RMS Blog , that we didn't want our developer audience to miss.

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In 2014 protecting your information will (should) be at the top of your list. Unlike the 3 or so weeks of drinking 64 oz of water and exercising daily for 30 minutes, this is one promise that we're all expected to be better about.  With this in mind, the next few posts will be dedicated to 'tracking' your important documents.  One often ignored aspect of RMS is the ability to mine (quite impressive) logs for hits of things not being 'quite right'. Said differently, even the practice of using RMS on "somewhat sensitive" documents with a "Your Company -- All employees" will yield a goldmine of very impressive usage data. At Microsoft we often send out "vision" documents, memos, etc with RMS protection so that we (the document owners, area leaders) can get a sense of the readership. Logs don't lie. Today's post was co-authored with Amrita, our logging expert.  Enjoy.

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   Dan (on behalf of our wonderful team)

PS: Though this post is focused on Azure RMS, the AD RMS offering has wonderful SQL logs too so similar sentiments apply... especially the next post on how to use the new Microsoft "Power BI" to produce fantastic reports.