Creating AD RMS Templates

A few customers have recently asked us about how to create AD RMS rights policy templates.  Here are a few links that should help you create and deploy AD RMS rights policy templates in your organization:

  • The AD RMS Rights Policy Templates Deployment Step-by-Step Guide walks you through the process of creating and deploying AD RMS rights policy templates in a test environment. In this guide, you create a rights policy template that gives read-only access to members of an Active Directory Domain Services group, using the rights policy template creation wizard.
  • The topic Configuring Rights Policy Templates contains several articles about rights policy templates including procedures to create, edit, and archive templates.
  • The article AD RMS Rights Policy Template Considerations provides detailed information about rights policy template creation and deployment. It includes a list of the rights available when you create a rights policy template and a brief description of how those rights are interpreted by the AD RMS client.
  • Once you have created a rights policy template, you must distribute it to your end users. The AD RMS team blog post Templates, Distribution, and Why You Should Care provides a good overview on template distribution and answers some of the frequently asked questions concerning rights policy template deployment.