Getting involved with the RMS community

As a technical writer assigned the task of creating and maintaining documentation for AD RMS in the TechNet Library (, I like to think that our docs are the best place to go to get information about RMS. And in many ways they are: We strive to create a comprehensive set of documents about RMS that have been carefully reviewed by RMS stakeholders at Microsoft and continuously refined in response to customer experiences and feedback.

The problem is that our efforts are necessarily incomplete because the Microsoft resources we can leverage are limited (contrary to popular belief, Microsoft does not have an infinite number of monkeys banging away at an infinite number of keyboards…), and because our perspective is constrained by the responsibilities and opportunities of our particular roles within the company.

Recognizing these limitation, we’re taking steps to leverage the experience and knowledge of the broader RMS community by using social media (sorry for the buzzword!). One of the first steps we’ve taken is to create a forum on TechNet where you can talk about RMS: We hope you’ll use this forum to post your questions and share your experience and knowledge with others in the RMS community.

Another place you can get and share information about RMS is the new TechNet Wiki ( Here you can read articles about RMS that have been created and maintained by folks in the wider RMS community, and of course, since it is a wiki, you can add your own content there as well. All you need is a Windows Live ID to join the wiki community so you can create your own articles or update articles created by others. To learn about getting started with the wiki, see

The RMS forum and TechNet Wiki are just the first steps we’re taking to engage the broader RMS community through social media (there’s that buzzword again). If you have any ideas for how you’d like the members of the RMS community to interact with each other, please feel free to ping us!