Designertopia on the web

DesignertopiaFeedback about Designertopia on the web looks positive: lots of diversity in the presentations (here's one attendee's take on day one and day two), folks getting buzzed after Expression walkthroughs, and even a good gender balance!

Add links in the comments if you have other Designertopia follow-up on the web.


Meanwhile, I've touched down in Seattle for TechReady, an internal technical conference with a pre-conference that started this morning.

I had a three-hop flight, so I decided to have a swift pint in Atlanta to steel myself for the final hop.  The nice man at the airport pub carded me.  I got up and shook his hand, and told him it was the nicest compliment I've been given in ages.  Would you believe it - someone out there thinks I might be a tender 21.