Introducing NLarge - screen magnifier utility for presentations

NLargeNLarge is a free little utility for technical presentations.  It magnifies the screen (via a smooth animation), and allows you to pan and zoom around the magnified image.  You can annotate the magnified screen using the mouse or a Tablet PC pen. 

NLarge runs from your system tray, and is triggered by a hotkey (Alt-1).


Because NLarge is built with the Windows Presentation Foundation, it runs on Windows Vista (RC1 and newer), and will also work on Windows XP and Server 2003 if you install the .NET Framework 3.0



Download NLarge (34k).



I'm going to see if we can post the source to NLarge up on CodePlex.  In the meantime, if you'd like the source, please send me mail.


Special thanks

Thanks first and foremost to Mark Russinovich, whose ZoomIt utility is the inspiration for NLarge. 

Thanks to George Mamaladze, who showed how to hook a global keyboard event in this CodePlex article.

Thanks also to Alexander Limh, who showed how to copy from the screen for a somewhat different magnifier.

Thanks to Martin Woodward for both the idea and the feedback.  We were both avid ZoomIt users looking for a WPF-enabled upgrade!

And thanks of course to the WPF team -- this was fun to put together!

Finally, thanks to Siof for the name NLarge! :)


Enjoy, and please let me know how you get on with NLarge!


p.s. I wrote NLarge in my spare time, so it doesn't come with Microsoft support or anything.  But I use it myself, so let me know if you come across any snags and I'll do what I can.