Ireland Architect Forum 2006: Software Factories: Morrison Hotel, Dublin: 1 March

Architect Forum 2006 If you're an Architect in Ireland - or perhaps a Devarchitect who sits somewhere between the worlds of Architect and Senior Developer - then, first of all, you should be subscribed to Bill O'Brien's Blog, and second of all, on the 1st of March you should be at Architect Forum 2006.

This year's Architect Forum is being held in Dublin at the Morrison Hotel, and will cover Software Factories.  

The day's guest speakers include Microsoft's Beat Schwegler and ThinkTecture's Ingo Rammer

A Software Factory is a development environment configured to support the rapid production of a specific type of application via a custom collection of domain-specific languages organized by a graph of viewpoints.

There's no registration fee for the event, although spaces are limited, so please register as soon as you can.  Don't hesitate to ask me or really Bill for more information.