MIX Misc Monday

Myspace presentation: Serving up the long tail's mp3 and other rich content at scale is an awesome task.  And by "awesome" I mean the original, "awe-inspiring" sense of the word.  Myspace is using the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime from Microsoft Robotics Studio as part of their infrastructure.

Monday Announcement Round-up: Nick White has a summary of all of Monday's MIX07 announcements.  More to come today! 

Wiimote-Controlled Cars: Last week, I linked up the Wiimote control to XNA to make a few demos.  Brian Peek took it to the next logical step and connected the Managed Wiimote Library to Microsoft Robotics Studio.  In the MIX07 lounge area, you can tilt the Wiimote back and forth to control remote-controlled cars!  Mona, at your science center in the arctic, are you reading this? :)

Driving the Wiimote-Controlled Cars    Wiimote Controlled Car

ASP.NET Dynamic Data Controls: To dive deep into dev-land for a sec... To work with data, ASP.NET's GridView and DetailsView controls let you quickly get to work, but don't play nice when you make changes to your schema, or, without legwork, show relationships between tables. Dynamic Data Controls provide View/Edit/Delete pages for any Tables and Views you want... with 0 lines of code and about 4 lines of XML.  Check out the ASP.NET Futures download - there's a video on the page.

Ireland night out in Vegas: The improbable stamina of the Irish surfaced when we all hit the town.  Consider the jetlag well and truly licked... but I'll need to watch the Silverlight at the 2008 China Olympics presentation after the fact. 


Right... off to another day of MIX!