MIX07 Welcome Swag

MIX07 Welcome Pack Contents Swag found in my MIX07 Welcome Pack:

1 Silverlight / Mix07 T-Shirt (obligatory)
1 copy Vista Ultimate (cool)
1 copy Expression Studio (double cool!!)
3 coloured "discipline" armbands to identify the like-minded at MIX (Blue=Developer, Green=Business, Yellow=Design)
1 myspace.com thingamayoke
1 Silverlight sticker
1 Vista-branded USB key in black fuzzy box (containingLive Platform In-A-Box, Live Search Starter Applications, Live Search Widgets)
4 MIX07 DVDs (containing Visual Studio "Orcas" Team Suite Beta 1; ASP.NET AJAX Resource Kit; WPF Virtual Bootcamp; Windows Media Center Resource Kit)
1 pile of brochures and special offers

1 Obligatory photograph of slot machines in Las Vegas Airport:
Slot Machines in the Las Vegas Airport

1 Obligatory photograph of a statue in Ceasars Palace, where I'm staying:
Statue inside Ceasars Palace

OK, so those last two weren't in the welcome pack.  But I'm here in Las Vegas and the MIX07 Conference kicks off in a matter of hours.  Speaking of hours, I've been up for 23 of them myself, so it's time to get some sleep, and I'll join you in the morning for the keynote!