NLarge got updated (and it would have been appreciated today)

NLargeI didn't see any presenters at TechEd Europe wield NLarge today, although some of them certainly could have used my WPF-based screen magnifier. 

I tend to lurk near the back of the Tech Ed presentations, since I sometimes need to duck out on official evangelical duty :) 

Keep in mind that if you're presenting a wad of code, for those of us in the back, it can look a little bit like this:

Ludicrously small font size

When you've reached the part of your presentation where I really need to understand what you're showing me, there's only so much on-screen context I need.  So please, presenters: think of the children with declining eyesight caused by prolonged geeking out and manifested in absurd XBox Live gamertag scores. 

Use NLarge or another similar utility to magnify your source code at that critical moment and show us just the little bit of context we need to trigger our "a-ha" moment.

Thanks and happy presenting over the rest of the conference!

(I updated it earlier today to v1.01 - the new release is a little snappier.)