Photobucket on Windows phone – Case Study


Leading Photo Sharing Site Drives Revenue by Solving Camera-Phone Dilemma

Taking pictures with a camera phone is easy. Getting those photos off the phone so you can do something with them, however, has proven to be prohibitively difficult for many consumers. Photo sharing site Photobucket has changed that with its Mobile Uploader from Ontela, available now on Windows® phones. The easy-to-use application is helping Photobucket drive revenues and maintain market position.

Camera phone pictures account for only 11 percent of photos that are uploaded to photo sharing sites on the Internet.  Where do the remaining camera phone pictures go? Nowhere. While 87 percent of camera phone users want to send their pictures to a photo sharing site, nearly three-quarters of consumers tested do not know how to do so and those who do succeed find the process to be tedious, according to Ontela research.

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