Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, February 17th

  1. Peter Vogel: Guru Tips: Making ToString Useful, Plus Not Getting Fooled by Closure
  2. Gregg Boer: Team Foundation Service Preview–Updated videos are available
  3. Michael Desmond: A Decade of SDL (Trustworthy Computing)
  4. Tim O'Brien: The Big Dimmer Switch (New blog!)
  5. MSDN Blogs: Quant? Quant? Are you a Quant looking for the next big idea? Think Shapes and Motifs in the cloud
  6. Jon Galloway: ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta Released!
  7. MSDN Blogs: Updating a TFS Build Number in a Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) Test Plan Programmatically
  8. Hong Choing:  Top 10 Tips for Building a Windows Phone App
  9. Jonathan Rozenblit: Because There’s Always More To Learn… (TechDays Online)
  10. Henrik Nielsen: Extending HttpClient with OAuth to Access Twitter

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