Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, March 30th

  1. Blend Insider: Updated: Microsoft Expression Blend Preview for Silverlight 5
  2. Robert Hess: C++: A Language for Modern Times
  3. Lucian Wischik: What's New in VB11
  4. MSDN Blogs: App Bars, a useful tool for your UI or a place to drown your Metro Sorrows?
  5. HowieT: Cloud computing - Delivering the right services to the right users
  6. Raymond Chen: How do I perform shell file operations while avoiding shell copy hooks?
  7. Dave Isbitski: Looking to write a Windows Phone App? Check out the HackReady.Phone WebCast Series!
  8. Harry Waldron: Windows 8 Consumer preview - Several recent evaluations
  9. MS MVP Blogs: Windows 8 Consumer Preview - Introduction of new version
  10. Harry Waldron: Windows 8 Server Beta - Metro interface Navigational techniques

See you in April!

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