Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, May 17th

  1. Dr. Dobb’s: Deep-dive into Developing in TypeScript using Visual Studio 2012
  2. Mike Mainguy: When to refactor code
  3. Emil Gustafsson: If it is hard to test, you did something wrong
  4. Brian Harry: New Windows Dev Center release
  5. Andy Kung: Creating a wizard-like experience for HTML client
  6. The Code Project: MV* (MVC, MVP, MVVM) An Investigation From the Ground Up- Part 1 of 2
  7. Amir Jalilifard: Real Time Commenting Using SignalR and XSLT
  8. Joey Zhao: ASP.NET MVC plugin framework
  9. Jim O'Neil: Construct 2 Tip #4: Round Tripping With Event Variables
  10. Kaduk Frantisek: WinJS observables (Part III) - using WinJS.Binding.define