Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, May 18th

  1. The Visual Studio Blog: A look ahead at the Visual Studio 11 product lineup and platform support
  2. Jay Schmelzer: Visual Studio 11 Product Line-up Announced
  3. Dave Isbitski: Defining Layout in a Windows 8 Metro Style App using CSS3, HTML and JavaScript
  4. Sethu Srinivasan: Create a SQL Agent Job using Managed C++
  5. Go DevMENTAL: Tips and Tricks from Students: Silverlight Phone app “TonalFlash”
  6. Devhammer's Den: Why Developers Should Care About Design, and How Metro Helps
  7. Martin Beeby: 10 super-smart data visualisations
  8. Steven Sinofsky: Delivering reliable and trustworthy Metro style apps
  9. Dr. Z's Blog: 20 Things That May Be Clouding Your Choice About the Cloud, But Shouldn't
  10. Alfred Thompson: Be What’s Next!

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