Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, September 13th

Happy Programmer's Day!

  1. Brian Harry: Visual Studio 2012.4 RC 3 Available
  2. Beth Massi: My Favorite New LightSwitch Features in Visual Studio 2013
  3. Visual Studio Blog: Supercharged Styling: Quickly Finding and Setting a CSS Property in Blend
  4. Stephen Ebichondo: Taking Unit Testing to the Next Level
  5. Office Developer Team: Learn how to write Apps for Office code interactively with the API Tutorial for Office
  6. The Bug Guys: Using Reflection with Default Parameters
  7. Benjamin Perkins: Enable logging on your Windows Azure Web Site from Visual Studio
  8. Immo Landwerth: Immutable collections are now RC
  9. Johni Sutanto: Creating New Windows Azure Web Site from Visual Studio 2013 RC
  10. Howard Dierking: Visual Studio 2013 Custom Web Servers and OwinHost.exe