Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, December 2, 2013

  1. 6 Practical Agile techniques you can start using today
  2. Don Syme: Putting the F# in Finance with Xenomorph TimeScape: A World of Financial Data at your Fingertips, Strongly Tooled and Strongly Typed
  3. Praburaj Thiagarajan: Unit testing OWIN applications using TestServer
  4. Rowan Miller: EF6.0.2 Beta 1 Available on NuGet
  5. Beth Massi: Beginning LightSwitch in VS 2013 Part 4: Too much information! Sorting and Filtering Data with Queries
  6. Visual Studio Toolbox: OzCode
  7. Ed Glas, Jiange Sun, and Bill Barnett: ​Load Testing Visual Studio Online
  8. Visual Studio 2013 Launch: Building Connected & Integrated Business Applications Using Office 365 Cloud Business App Project
  9. Greg Duncan: Rainbows and brackets, with the new Visual Studio Extension, Viasfora. Your Text/*ML Editing Power-Up
  10. Paulo Zemek: Interfaces vs Delegates