Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, January 28th

  1. David Jung: Microsoft’s DevOps Story Just Got Better
  2. Jonathan Rozenblit: Build Yourself a Windows 8 App Dev Lab
  3. Brent Schooley: Windows 8 Development Tips #7: Get creative with grid item sizes
  4. Blaine Wastell: Developing a Windows Store app using JavaScript: Hilo guidance released
  5. Armen Kirakosyan: Valid HTML markup automation, leads to better cross browser compatibility
  6. Channel 9: Parallels: Using Visual Studio on OSX
  7. Channel 9 Live at BUILD 2012: Jeff Han on The Touch Experience
  8. Shawn Steele: Converting text file code pages
  9. John Scott Tynes: Planning & Coding Your Windows 8 Project
  10. Enamul Kh: Out of memory issue when Silverlight Application talks to WCF service using System.Net.Socket via Duplex Channel