Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, July 9th

  1. Brian Harry: Coded UI testing support for Silverlight
  2. LightSwitch Help Website: A DotNetNuke HTML Module Calling Visual Studio LightSwitch Using OData
  3. Blend Insider: Running User Code in the XAML Designer: Blend and VS 2012
  4. Channel 9: Announcing Achievements For Visual Studio 2012 RC
  5. Nick Harris on Channel 9: Building Connected Windows 8 Apps with Windows Azure
  6. Selcin Turkarslan: Migrating Data Centric Applications to Windows Azure
  7. Jialiang Ge: .NET CodeDOM demoed in C#
  8. Lee Stott: More Cloud Services on Project Hawaii
  9. VSIP Partner: Using the Infragistics Pivot Grid in a LightSwitch Application
  10. Don Syme: More C#/.NET Generics Research Project History - The MSR white paper from mid-1999