Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, May 28th

  1. Christopher R Hopkins: Enable HTML 5 in SharePoint 2010–specifically for overlays in Visio Services
  2. The Visual Studio Blog: Visual Studio 11 Performance: Improvements in Typing and Editing Responsiveness
  3. Peter Ritchie: Automated Testing Isn’t Just for Business Logic
  4. This Week on Channel 9: 200! Kinect SDK v1.5, GitHub for Windows, Visual Studio 11 lineup and more | This Week On Channel 9
  5. Channel 9: Windows Azure Media Services | Cloud Cover
  6. Himanshu Singh: Windows Azure Community News Roundup (Edition #20)
  7. jennmar: Porting apps to Windows 8 Metro
  8. Zhenhua Yao: Workflow activities for invoking a Runbook from Team Build
  9. Jon Box: Preparing for the Windows 8 Opportunity
  10. Surf4Fun: Security In the Cloud, part 1

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