Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, November 3, 2014

  1. Scott Guthrie: Azure: Announcing New Real-time Data Streaming and Data Factory Services
  2. Eric Lippert: Producing combinations, part five
  3. Rowan Miller: EF7 – v1 or v7?
  4. Rich Hein: 10 Professional-Development Tips for Programmers
  5. APGC DSI Team: How to perform load testing using Visual Studio Test
  6. Robert Bernstein: Viewing All of the Git Repositories in your TFS Team Project within Visual Studio 2013.3
  7. Software Development Tutorials and Video: A CTO’s guide to Modern C++
  8. MSDN Belux: TechEd recap day 3: the one with the Country Drinks, Office and SharePoint development & a bit of Azure
  9. Greg Duncan: Jumping into Kinect for Windows v2 development series
  10. David McCarter: dotnetDave Explains… Object Oriented Programming