Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, October 13, 2014

  1. InfoQ: Herb Sutter on Modern C++ Essentials
  2. InCycle Software: Release Management – Configuring the release pipeline
  3. Eric Battalio: Visual Studio 2010 for C++ Development Survey Follow Up
  4. CodeChat: Nox Wilairat (Being an Indie Game Dev)
  5. Ricky Brundritt: Multiple Measurement Scale Bar in WPF
  6. Software Development Tutorials and Videos: Strategic Code Reuse
  7. I Programmer: Hour of Code Aims to Reach 100 Million Worldwide
  8. Radio TFS: The ALM Rangers with Willy-Peter
  9. Tim Anderson: Xamarin Evolve: developers enjoy the buzz around cross-platform coding with C#
  10. Rami Sayar: A chatroom for all! Part 6 – The Finale and Debugging Remote Node Apps