Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, October 14th

  1. Brian Harry: How do you measure quality of a service?
  2. Cliff Simpkins: Introducing Windows Phone Preview for Developers
  3. Darren Laybourn: Announcing our third Windows Phone 8 update—plus a new developer preview program
  4. Brad Sullivan: Conditional Breakpoints
  5. The .NET Team: Portable Class Library (PCL) now available on all platforms
  6. LightSwitch Help Website: Creating a MVC 5 CRUD Application Using Visual Studio LightSwitch
  7. Mads Kristensen: Introducing Web Development and Tooling TV
  8. Glenn Condron: EF Power Tools Beta 4 Available
  9. Greg Duncan: Being Fluent, Fluid and Functional with
  10. This Week On Channel 9: Visual Studio 2012 5.5 million downloads, VS2013 Virtual Launch, ScriptCS and more...