Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, October 31st

  1. Top 100 Utilities & Add-ins for Visual Studio 2010 & Team Foundation Server 2010
  2. How to: Change the Date Format in Visual Studio LightSwitch
  3. How can I get notified when some other window is destroyed?
  4. Sample Data and Hands-on-Labs - November 2011 Refresh of Visual Studio 2010 RTM Virtual Machine
  5. Raymond Chen on Why do the pinned items in the Jump List go on the top instead of the bottom?
  6. Scott Guthrie on Web Forms Model Binding Part 3: Updating and Validation (ASP.NET 4.5 Series)
  7. Effective Techniques and Tools for Reducing Leaks in .NET (C#)
  8. Available now: OData Service for Team Foundation Server 2010 - v1
  9. Agile Advisor tips for motivating an Agile team
  10. How to force Team Foundation Server Work Item layout groups to consume the minimal amount of screen real estate

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