Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for the Week of October 20, 2014

  1. Practical .NET: Writing Cleaner Code with Reactive Extensions
  2. Greg Duncan: WhereAmI? VS Extension notes where a file is in a Project (think "Sync no more")
  3. Ashok Kirla: How to setup Azure environments for Agent-less deployments in Release Management 2013 with Update 3 RTM
  4. Jason Zander: Azure’s getting bigger, faster and more open
  5. Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan: Why use ASP.NET for web development
  6. Brian Harry MS: Visual Studio and TFS 2013.4 (Update 4) Release Candidate
  7. Gediminas Geigalas: C# optional parameter visibility
  8. Andy Weir: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 RC is available to download now
  9. Code Project: JavaScript Namespace
  10. Willy-P. Schaub: PowerShell Desired State Configuration for DevOps and ALM Practitioners v1