Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, November 14th

  1. Boby George: C++ AMP Algorithms library now supports Visual Studio 2013
  2. Client Development MVP John Garland: New in Visual Studio 2013 – Windows Azure Mobile Services Integration
  3. Amr Altahlawi: Automatic Row Tracking with Visual Studio 2013
  4. Visual C++ MVP Michael B. McLaughlin: What’s New in Graphics and Game Development in Visual Studio 2013
  5. Maurice: Unit testing a ASP.NET WebAPI 2 controller
  6. Alun Jones: There is no such thing as “small sample code”
  7. Eric Lippert: Math from scratch, part thirteen: multiplicative inverses
  8. The .NET Team: PCL and .NET NuGet Libraries are now enabled for Xamarin
  9. IE Blog: Building world-ready applications in JavaScript using IE11
  10. Eric Battalio: Microsoft Virtual Academy - C++: A General Purpose Language and Library