Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, November 20, 2014

  1. Doris Chen: Q & A on Visual Studio Community 2013 and 2015 Preview
  2. VBTeam: Introducing the Visual Studio 2015 Preview for C# and VB
  3. Neil McAllister: Microsoft to world of .Net: We shall set you FREE across ALL PLATFORMS
  4. Roberto Baldwin: Microsoft open-sources .NET framework and offers Visual Studio Community 2013 for free
  5. Frederic Lardinois: Microsoft Launches Free, Unrestricted Version Of Visual Studio For Small Teams
  6. Immo Landwerth: .NET Core is Open Source
  7. The .NET Fundamentals Team: November 2014 .NET Security Updates
  8. Brad Sams: Microsoft makes Android development easier with new emulator for Visual Studio
  9. TechCrunch: The Rise And Fall Of The Full Stack Developer
  10. Pieter Gheysens: Connect Visual Studio Release Management to Visual Studio Online and Microsoft Azure