Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, December 18th

  1. Jim Blizzard: Silverlight game loop - revisited for Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 RTM
  2. Emil Gustafsson: Type casting with extension methods
  3. Jerry Nixon: Walkthrough: Use XAML’s 3D PlaneProjection to Open a Window and See What’s Inside
  4. Matthias Shapiro: How To Register More Than 3 Windows Phones For Development
  5. LightSwitch Help Website: Retrieving The Current User In The LightSwitch HTML Client
  6. Eric Lippert: Which is faster?
  7. This Week On Channel 9: Year Wrap Up
  8. Igor Ostrovsky: The C# Memory Model in Theory and Practice
  9. Carlos hm: How to use Query rules and display templates to detect the intent of your users
  10. Paul Cociuba: Developing 4.5 Webforms apps with Visual Studio 2012 – Part 12