Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, July 3rd

  1. Grant Holliday: How to: Take a Memory Dump of an ASP.NET Application Pool Quickly
  2. Tim O'Brien: How Complex Systems Fail
  3. Channel 9: TechEd Europe Keynote with Brad Anderson and Jason Zander
  4. CodePlex Blog: Summary of our Recent Pull Request Enhancements on CodePlex
  5. Richard Chingombe : Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts
  6. David Catuhe: Tips and tricks for C# metro developers–The Flyout control
  7. Jonathan Rozenblit: Tour Around the New Team Explorer with Dave Lloyd
  8. Brandon Werner: Thanks to Siri and Kinect, Web 3.0 can now happen
  9. Michael Snow: Microsoft Silverlight Content: Maximizing your PubCenter AD Revenue
  10. MS MVPs: C++0x step by step: auto