Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, March 26th

  1. Sumit Kumar: Visual C++ Developer Survey
  2. Willy-P. Schaub: Definition of “DONE” and knowing when it is safe to sleep peacefully
  3. Michael Taylor: Using T4 to Create an AppSettings Wrapper, Part 4
  4. Joel Fjordén: Windows Store Apps: A Guide for WPF and Silverlight Developers
  5. Jerry Nixon: Programming in C# Jump Start
  6. ScriptJunkie: How I Built the Paint 4 Kids Windows Store App Using Only HTML5 and SVG
  7. Eric Lippert: Monads, part ten
  8. Web Camps TV: ASP.NET Web API and CORS Support
  9. Channel 9: Dynamic Lockscreen Changer for Windows Phone 8, Built With ASP.NET MVC and Azure Mobile Services
  10. Lee Stott: Focus on C++ and DirectX